Why is a Hummer an Iconic Vehicle?



Drive along any motorway and you’ll see hundreds of cars, all of which look the same. These cars are blue, red, black and silver, yet they all seem to blend into one.

Occasionally, you’ll pass a car that catches your attention. This car looks different from all the other cars. It drives with a certain authority and has a grace about it that’s rare. People point at it when they see it, and children stare at it as it drives passed. This car, if you haven’t guessed it already, is a Hummer.

The Hummer naturally stands out from the crowd; it’s in its DNA. The vehicle’s American style and larger-than-life appearance makes it so very different from anything else on the road. Its wheels are bigger and its frame wider. It’s more square than most other cars and it’s a lot taller too. It demands respect because of its sheer size, and commands attention because of its muscular physique.

No matter how long you’ve been driving for, you’ll always notice when a hummer rides passed.

People Stop and Stare

A big reason for the Hummer’s popularity is its uniqueness. Those who enjoy standing out from the crowd love the fact that everybody looks at them while in the car.

It has a little something Hollywood about it. People look around after watching a Hummer drive passed just incase they’ve walked on to the set of a movie. A bad-ass hero or an ass-kicking heroine wouldn’t look out of place if they hopped out of it, machine gun in hand and cigarette in mouth.

Most Hummers riding the street don’t contain such people, but it’s easy to imagine that they do. A little of that celebrity status is rubbed off on to anybody sitting in the luxury seats, a feeling that is addictive to all those who have ridden in one.

The Hummer is Fun

In the back of any Hummer, behind the tinted glass windows, anything could be happening. It could be transporting a group of famous people to an event. It could be hosting a small party. Nobody knows, and that’s part of the intrigue.

Those inside know, however, which is why they believe the Hummer to be the most iconic vehicle of all. They know that they’re sipping on a glass of champagne, or laughing and joking with friends. They know that they’re watching the world go by from the safety of their mini monster truck.

One thing everybody knows though, is that Hummers are fun. The cars are exciting and open up a world of possibilities. Wow friends by arriving in style, or enjoy the night from the comfort of your seat.

A Superior Drive

The Hummer’s appearance is often its most talked about feature, but it’s important not to forget its driving credentials.

Hummers are quick, despite their bulky appearance, and often cause drivers to back down and let them pass.

A ride in one is as smooth as silk, as the truck’s giant wheels glide effortlessly over the road before it. Being a passenger in a Hummer is supremely enjoyable, which is a strange thing to say about a car. Such is the vehicle’s class, being inside it is as good as driving it.

A Hummer is all About Luxury

Hummers are popular with all sorts of rich and famous people. Athletes, rappers, movie stars, businessmen and popstars all choose the car as their vehicle of choice. This just goes to add to its glamorous image, and makes a person feel like a rockstar when in it.

Even those looking to pamper themselves for an evening opt for the Hummer. A ride in a Hummer limousine is extremely sought after, and is a popular choice for those getting married and wishing to add a touch of something special to their day.

Those going to parties also opt for the Hummer. Hen nights, stag-dos, graduation parties and prom nights are all great reasons to take a ride in a Hummer.

The Hummer – Iconic, Legendary, Timeless

It’s hard to put a finger on what it is exactly that makes something iconic and what it is that makes it exciting. Everything that has been mentioned above goes some way towards explaining the Hummer’s charm, but there’s still a lot missing.

The Hummer is a mysterious entity. No matter how much you think you know about it, there’s always a whole lot that you don’t. What makes the vehicle so appealing is that really, when you’re in one, anything can happen. Suddenly, things that didn’t seem likely soon seem inevitable. You feel better about yourself when you’re cruising, and other people feel better about you too.

Being inside a Hummer makes you feel more confident, more assertive, more optimistic. It inspires you. It encourages you to seize life with both hands. It encourages you to enjoy it and make the day (or night) count.

Why is a Hummer an iconic vehicle, you may ask? Simple. It’s because it’s a Hummer.

Limo news


In Cuba limo’s belonging to Fidel Castro are now being used as taxi’s.

People love the idea of sitting in a limo that was used by Fidel Castro and other dignitaries. Jimmy Carter was in one of these for sure. What a great idea.

The limos are Russian and made in the 60s and 70s by GAZ and Zil, one of which was a convertible and was a present from Khrushchev to Castro. Castro’s favourite vehicle was a jeep.

My new blog on limos, must say I do love them.

I have written an article on Glen Miller’s limousine, why the hummer is an icon and more… Well even an article about Fidel Castro’s limos as you can see here.



The history of limousines

pink limo

Have you ever thought how we progressed onto limousines from the normal length cars, who did this, why, when and how? And were they alright in the head? It is a crazy idea but a great idea. It must have started as a very different vehicle than we have now.

The original limo had 2 distinct areas and was built in 1902, there was a section where the passengers sat and a different area for the driver and were kept separate. And strangely the driver was not enclosed and it did have a cover.  The passengers had an enclosed top.

The back section that was enclosed and the front area with the cover looked like a French shepherd’s cloak and this cloak came from a place in France called Limousin and the vehicle took this name.

The stretch limousines were the first limos to be used for 20 years. The first vehicles were made in Arkansas by a company named Armbruster.

Interestingly these stretch limousines were employed by big music bands, it was perfect for them and their instruments, all in one vehicle, petrol/gas prices were no big deal, so an ideal mode of transport and they must have looked cool too, nice touch I feel. And they were actually named big ban buses as they were so linked to this form of transport, what a great idea.

And due to their success of transporting bands around, 2 of the biggest and world famous bands of the era also employed this form of transport. None other than Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller.

glenn miller

During the next 10 years, limousines became very popular, I have no doubt thanks to Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman, who were enormous stars of the time. Airport drop off and pick up was one of the first services offered, so travellers could arrive in luxury and depart in luxury too, what a great idea. They were given another name of airport stretch coaches, not very catchy but thats what it was.

Around the same the big names of the movie business in the Hollywood area began to use limousines, initially like the big bands to move equipment and then they must have realised how nice is was to have so much space and comfort and used them for personal transport. And then as they say, the rest is history, once people saw the stars using them, everybody wanted to have a slice of fame for an hour.

Nowadays they are used for lots of events ; proms, graduation, airport transport, weddings and hen and stag parties.